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Advantage of Non-Woven Bag

Label:Yuhang    Release time:2015-07-28

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ECO non-woven bag (known as woven bags) is a kind of green product, tough and durable, beautiful modelling, good air permeability, Recyclable ,washable, can screen printing advertisements, suitable for any company, any industry as a advertising effects.
1.non-woven fabric shopping bag have more economic effect 
Released from the plastic limited, plastic bags will begin to exit the packing of the goods market, instead of it, Non-woven fabric made important role,Non-woven bag more easily to print, color express more striking. can repeat use, non-woven shopping bags can be considered in add more elegant than plastic bags of design and advertisement, because it can use repeatedly the calibration below the plastic bags, non-woven shopping bags are more to save costs, and bring more apparent advertising effectiveness.
2. non-woven shopping bag more soundness
The traditional shoppingplastic bags, in order to save the cost ,the material is thin, easily broken. in order to make it more firm, will inevitably more costs . Non-woven shopping bag solved all the emergence of the problem, non-woven shopping bags, strong toughness, is not easy to wear out . and some non woven with lamination bag , waterproof . soundness , cheap and beautiful .Although the price is a little higher than plastic bag ,but the servise life is longer .and recycle useness.
3. non-woven shopping bag more publicity advertisement effect
A good non woven bag is not just a packing bag . Its elegant exterior more cuddly, can be in the form of a fashionable easy single shoulder bag, become the street beautiful scenery. Plus its solid, waterproof, do not glue the hand will become the characteristics of customer first choice of go out, non-woven shopping bag and can be printed on your company's marks or advertising, the associated effect of advertisement is self-evident, the real small investment into a big returns.
4. non-woven shopping bag more environmental protection public value
The issue of Plastic limited, solve the problem of environmental protection. Non-woven bags of overturned use, greatly reducing the rubbish converted into the pressure. With the concept of environmental protection, the more to be able to reflect your enterprise image, and PFP effect. Thus to bring the potential value ,its not the money can replace.

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