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Non Woven Material Developmet Prospect

Label:Yuhang    Release time:2015-08-03

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non woven material . it is directly for the use of polymer slice, short fibers or filament by air or mechanical will fiber into nets, and then after the water thorn, acupuncture, or hot rolling reinforcement, finally after finishing the knitting fabric is formed, break through the traditional textile principle.


On January 8, 2008, the relevant departments of the state council issued the "about limiting production use plastic shopping bag sales of notice, notice requirements from 2008 June 1,, began to implement the plastic limit to, a nationwide ban on the production, sales, use less than 0.025 mm thick ultra-thin plastic shopping bags, and to ban supermarkets, department stores, market fair retail places such as free plastic bags. The notice of the key term is "green environmental protection, repeat durable". The expert points out, from environmental protection, durable view, paper and non-woven bag products can kill two birds with one stone; But paper bag because do not waterproof, an "generation model" ranks; Non-woven bag frivolous soft, while its permeability, water and waterproof performance is very good, with non-woven bag of manufacturing reusable shopping bag of environmental protection, has become the focus of the businesses favour.


According to market personage introduction, in the plastic limit to before, non-woven bag production has been in a state of temperature is not fire. At that time by the foreign trade business mainly non-woven bag is given priority to, the majority is from Europe and America market order; And the domestic market for non-woven bags of understanding also are weak, relatively few market orders. The plastic limit to "set, can say is detonated the non-woven bag of the great business opportunity. Environmental protection non-woven bag is a kind of green product, tough and durable, good air permeability, can repeat use, can wash, life is long, began to become known "environmental protection star".

Market professional personage points out, "environmental protection" has become the domestic manufacturing a vane, along with the plastic limit to come on stage, the domestic market to the attention of the environmental protection, non-woven bag production enterprise business suddenly changed. Expert analysis points out, China's annual consumption of plastic bags number about 50 billion, ultra-thin plastic shopping bag out from the market, will generate a large market space, non-woven bag for the market to is a great advantage good news. From the domestic factories and enterprises order increase, non-woven bag production enterprise turned to the domestic market, enterprise development to bring new opportunities.

Make shopping bag with non-woven environmental protection, non-woven bags of standards to achieve more than 50 grams per square metre; And of every square metre, the higher the number, non-woven bags of quality is better. Although non-woven bag shopping bags of cost will be much higher than the plastic bags, but because its environmental protection sex, the plastic limit to non-woven bag after the order and sales soaring began gradually. A large number of famous brand clothing enterprise and supermarket supermarket, chose the non-woven bag handbags as packaging handbags. A A4 size paper of non-woven bag shopping bag simple, as long as more than a cost, and the supermarket shopping bag of environmental protection is to sell $3 to 5 dollars, market profits very impressive.


Although the plastic limit to make environmental protection non-woven bag industry into the speeding growing up, but the industry competition increases gradually, manufacturer interacting with each other, non-woven bag profit margins squeezed. At the same time as non-woven bags of sell like hot cakes, non-woven bag production line in gradually improve the cost, and most of the enterprise of non-woven bags added value is not high, The whole industry is faced declining profits and practical difficulties.

Non-woven bag for the test of face, the market professionals said to the author, non-woven bags only by rising, out of the road of innovation, can realize the social benefit and economic benefit are unified. Wujiang city, according to three sheep flocking factory chan chi Ming introduces general manager, through to the non-woven bag for printing, flocking and finishing, to improve the added value of products, but also improve non-woven bag appearance, the difference of the modelling, the rich, the bright color pattern, lively, especially flocking non-woven bag more solemn and elegance. Non-woven bag is expected to domestic and international market demand is still bigger, will have a development maket prospect in future.

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